Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Villanueva and Evangelista of Rappler @ Social Media Command Center

Michael Josh Villanueva and Patricia Evangelista went to Social Media Command Center last May 2 sharing their knowledge and insights in their profession as media personalities.
The team
 The two were both working now at, a social news network. They gave some important tips on how to create a story from the different events of Palaro, how to capture the attention of every reader and also taught how to use the different social networks in daily life.
Mr. Josh Villanueva discussing his report.
Both of them were famous to us because they were once TV personalities in two big networks in the Philippines. Villanueva came from GMA while Evangelista came from Studio 23, host of Y-Speak.
Ms. Patricia Evangelista sharing her thoughts.
Villanueva is a Pangasinense, came from a family from Mangatarem and once a student in Grace Baptist Learning Center at Lingayen.

The two were very good speaker. They made us wowed.

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  1. i always look forward at these two writers when they write on rappler. this is one of the great articles i bookmarked.