Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Ginataang Rimas

Tingin pa lang, masarap na! Maniniwala ka bang gawa lang eto sa apat na common na sangkap lang?
Gata ng niyog, “masamit dameg”, asin at bunga ng rimas gawa ang masarap na pagkaing eto. Papainitin muna sa isangkaserola ang gata ng niyog at isunod ilagay ang ini-slice na bunga ng rimas. Palambutin ng bahagya at tsaka ilagay ang maliit na slice ng masamit dameg (yun ung inilalagay sa ibabaw ng biko) para magkaroon ng tamis na lasa. Lagyan ng konting asin para may balance. Konting minute lang ay luto na ang ginataang rimas at pwede ng i-serve.

Martes, kasagsagan ng walang humpay na buhos ng ulan. Walang pasok ang lahat. Masarap kumain ng kumain habang nakikinig ng balita. Naisipan ni lola na magluto nito. Sarap na sarap kami dahil malinamnam na, nakakabusog pa. Matagal ding hindi ako nakatikim ng gating rimas kaya ubos. Minsan gumagawa si lola ng ganito at inilalako sa barangay.
May unique sa pagkaing ito. Parang may lasang langka at bunga ng kamoteng kahoy. Meron itong aroma na sinamahan pa ng gata ng niyog at tamis ng masamit dameg, kaya perfect blend.

Ang rimas ay typical at common na makikita sa aming probinsya, ang Pangasinan. Pwedeng pwede itong tumubo kahit saan. Ang bunga nito ay hawig sa kamansi at langka ngunit walang spikes o tusok. Ganyan ka-unique ang rimas. Inilalako din ang mga bunga nito sa mga palengke. Pwede din itong isama sa gulay at pwedeng ulamin.

Isa lamang ito sa pagkaing Pangasinan na simple lang ngunit ubod ng sarap. Madaling lutuin, masustansya at nakakabusog pa. Try niyo na!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Exploring Hotel Consuelo (Part 1)

Photo from

Want to visit Pangasinan? Experience the beauty of the fantastic province; going around to its wonderful tourist destinations, know its culture and get close to its people? Yes, everyone is free to visit the province.

Of course, food and accommodation are next after the visitation. At the heart of the province, you can find this hotel, resort and restaurant. It has also a bakeshop and salad house. Combination of yellow and green is the signature color of the establishment. Its name was, Hotel Consuelo Resort and Chinese Restaurant.

When you are the very famous Pangasinan Provincial Capitol, considered as the best capitol in the Philippines, just in front of the capitol complex (west portion) is the Hotel Consuelo Resort and Chinese Resto.  Syempre, after the experience at the capitol and you are feeling hungry, the Hotel Consuelo and Chinese Resto is open for you. The Resto offers Filipino and Chinese cuisines. You want heavy lunch or dinner? Or light meriendas? For sure, it was listed in their menu. The menus were made of pork, chicken, beef, veggies and seafoods. Some of these were adobo, kare-kare, lechon-paksiw and many more pagpipilian. You want merienda? The best seller of the resto is the seafood pancit. Spaghetti and pizza were also included in the menu. The look of each food will tell the taste already. Tingin pa lang, masarap na.
tingin pa lang, yummy na!

eto pa...

at eto pa..



Marami pa kayong madi-discover about Hotel Consuelo na mas lalong mapi-please kayong magpunta dito. More pictures and info about the place ang ishe-share ko sa inyo.

On my next blog, we will discuss more about Hotel Consuelo Resort and Chinese Restaurant. We will take a look to its rooms for your accommodation. We will also explore the ConsuelojTrinidad Bakeshop and Salad House. HCRCR is located at Alvear St. Corner Maramba Blvd., Poblacion, Lingayen, Pangasinan. Till next time!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Summer is over and rainy season is already the each day’s mood. We are all aware na masarap kumain when these days come. And I admit that I love to eat a lot kapag maulan. Ang usual foods na kinakain natin ay hot noodles, soup, coffee + pandesal and milk. But I have something new to share with you and maybe some of you already tried this, the SPECIAL BUTTERED TOAST of ConsuelojTrinidad Bakeshop and Salad House.

 This Special Buttered Toast has a unique taste compared to the common toasted bread. It has a cinnamon taste that makes it more out of the ordinary. Very crunchy and hindi ganon matigas. This one is really perfect for black coffee and hot milk every morning. I love to dip it to my black coffee to make it more delicious.  Masarap din kapartner ng mga soup. Especially nowadays na maulan at malamig every morning here in Pangasinan. And sometimes the rain flows all day, at masarap kumain ng kumain. Special Buttered Toast is truly something to try.

ConsuelojTrinidad Bakeshop and Salad House is located at Alvear East Poblacion Lingayen, Pangasinan. Just in front of the Provincial Capitol Complex and beside the Hotel Consuelo.
Nanlalamig at ginugutom this rainy season? If you’re near to the place, visit the Bakeshop and Salad House and grab some Special Buttered Toast and for sure, di ka magsisisi. There are more bread varieties and pastries to choose with.  Try some…

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Dark Chocolate RSCC, a MUST TRY!

Dark Chocolate RSCC
When I saw this one, it’s really a mouth watering thing. The presentation tells the taste itself. It is very classy.  What's more when you take a sip of this one?
     “Wow! Perfect blend!”—these are the words that came out when I tasted the Dark Chocolate RSCC. I’m sure you are thinking or asking yourself what is RSCC? I don’t know the meaning of this one too. And then I found out that RSCC is the abbreviation for Rock Salt and Cream Cheese. And yes, the drink has a salty twist. It adds unique taste to the usual dark chocolate drink. We always describe dark chocolate as “bitter-sweet” chocolate, but this one with a blend of rock salt and cream cheese, the taste and flavor is very smooth, hindi nakakasawa!. Yeah, I love this one. I really enjoyed my every sip of it. Great taste talaga!..Ubos at bawing bawi ang pag-stay.
Other flavors
Other varieties of Yummy Drinks
    There are lots of varieties to choose from. Aside from chocolate and coffee flavor, there are made of fruits like strawberry, banana and other fruits.   

     So what are you waiting for? It is a must try! It is not expensive, I swear. Very affordable price at P85. Visit Yellow Tree Café, located at 2nd floor City De Luxe, Tapuac District, Dagupan City. I can’t wait to have it again. Mr. Tan, you’re the man!

Monday, 16 July 2012

My Yellow Tree XP

Yellow Tree Cafe Buiding
Do you want to experience sitting on a high class café but the products are very affordable and has an extraordinary taste? Do you want to make chit chat with your friends and relax while drinking a smooth taste of drinks and shakes?  A WiFi-zone area where can you do some research to your home works? A very cute and artistic place that is perfect for dates? And fast serving and very friendly staff that will surely entertain you once you’ve entered the café… You can find all of that at Yellow Tree Café.
The main entrance
Its blogging time again! I, together with my co-bloggers arrived here around 4:30 PM. It’s my first time to be here at Yellow Tree Café. First impression?—Ah, the place is very neat and clean. Nice designs and there are customers when we entered. Students chatting with their friends while sipping some drinks. The place is really cool for relaxing especially to students who were very stressed in school, office workers and to all busy people who wants a peaceful life once in awhile.

Then I started taking photos. There are lots of angles to be taken. Take a look at my photos (frustrated photographer) hehe…
The Bestfriends
The Crafts
The very entertaining staff
Classy tables and chairs
Artistic architechure
Message board
Magazine collection
The mouth watering drinks!
Visit the place and I'm sure you'll gonna love this and will be in-love here!Yellow Tree Café is located at 2nd floor of City De Luxe, Tapuac District Dagupan City. I really appreciate the whole package of the place. I enjoyed being here and I’m sure I’ll be back here.  My Yellow Tree experience is one of a kind. Yellow Tree Café is a tree for everyone. Mr. Tan, you’re the man!

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Palarong Pambansa 2012 Official Result

Here now the following regions who standout in the Palarong Pambansa 2012. These information was taken from the website of the Palarong Pambansa care of DepEd Secretariat. The National Capital Region (NCR) stayed as the Palaro 2012 Champion. 

Photo from the official website of Palarong Pambansa care of DepEd Secretariat.
Congratulations to all Athletes, Trainers, Coaches and to all people behind the Palarong Pambansa 2012..It's really a huge success..Thank you for visiting Pangasinan..Come again!