Monday, 16 July 2012

My Yellow Tree XP

Yellow Tree Cafe Buiding
Do you want to experience sitting on a high class café but the products are very affordable and has an extraordinary taste? Do you want to make chit chat with your friends and relax while drinking a smooth taste of drinks and shakes?  A WiFi-zone area where can you do some research to your home works? A very cute and artistic place that is perfect for dates? And fast serving and very friendly staff that will surely entertain you once you’ve entered the café… You can find all of that at Yellow Tree Café.
The main entrance
Its blogging time again! I, together with my co-bloggers arrived here around 4:30 PM. It’s my first time to be here at Yellow Tree Café. First impression?—Ah, the place is very neat and clean. Nice designs and there are customers when we entered. Students chatting with their friends while sipping some drinks. The place is really cool for relaxing especially to students who were very stressed in school, office workers and to all busy people who wants a peaceful life once in awhile.

Then I started taking photos. There are lots of angles to be taken. Take a look at my photos (frustrated photographer) hehe…
The Bestfriends
The Crafts
The very entertaining staff
Classy tables and chairs
Artistic architechure
Message board
Magazine collection
The mouth watering drinks!
Visit the place and I'm sure you'll gonna love this and will be in-love here!Yellow Tree Café is located at 2nd floor of City De Luxe, Tapuac District Dagupan City. I really appreciate the whole package of the place. I enjoyed being here and I’m sure I’ll be back here.  My Yellow Tree experience is one of a kind. Yellow Tree Café is a tree for everyone. Mr. Tan, you’re the man!

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