Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Dark Chocolate RSCC, a MUST TRY!

Dark Chocolate RSCC
When I saw this one, it’s really a mouth watering thing. The presentation tells the taste itself. It is very classy.  What's more when you take a sip of this one?
     “Wow! Perfect blend!”—these are the words that came out when I tasted the Dark Chocolate RSCC. I’m sure you are thinking or asking yourself what is RSCC? I don’t know the meaning of this one too. And then I found out that RSCC is the abbreviation for Rock Salt and Cream Cheese. And yes, the drink has a salty twist. It adds unique taste to the usual dark chocolate drink. We always describe dark chocolate as “bitter-sweet” chocolate, but this one with a blend of rock salt and cream cheese, the taste and flavor is very smooth, hindi nakakasawa!. Yeah, I love this one. I really enjoyed my every sip of it. Great taste talaga!..Ubos at bawing bawi ang pag-stay.
Other flavors
Other varieties of Yummy Drinks
    There are lots of varieties to choose from. Aside from chocolate and coffee flavor, there are made of fruits like strawberry, banana and other fruits.   

     So what are you waiting for? It is a must try! It is not expensive, I swear. Very affordable price at P85. Visit Yellow Tree Café, located at 2nd floor City De Luxe, Tapuac District, Dagupan City. I can’t wait to have it again. Mr. Tan, you’re the man!

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