Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A Tour from Capitol Rooftop: A Great Experience

A view from the north of the rooftop.
“Wow, a best place”, these words came from my lips when I get into the rooftop of the Provincial Capitol of my beloved Pangasinan. Very gracious and friendly staffs will guide you all through the way and gives you information about the places that surrounds the Capitol.
Yes, indeed, Pangasinan is very blessed in natural resources and in economic growth. From the top view, you can see some of the prides of Pangasinan. The crystal blue water of Lingayen Gulf and the greens from the bountiful coconut trees will capture your attention in the north view. The very refreshing, beautiful and clean capitol park will amaze you from the south view of the rooftop. The Lingayen Airport and the historical church of Binmaley fascinate you in the east while the rich mountains of western municipalities of Pangasinan catch and attract you in the west view.
Bring with you your family or your special someone in this impressive and very eye catching rooftop of Pangasinan Provincial Capitol. It’s a must have experience that everyone must try. If you are seeking for a best place, the capitol rooftop is one that I recommend to you. If you’re a Pangasinense, be proud and share the very wonderful Pangasinan. It’s really the best place to invest, live and raise a family.

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